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I thought I wanted to be a cheerleader & fashion model…

Until I looked at the bigger picture. These career directions were much too limited for where I wanted to go. I’m so glad I figured this out at a relatively young age.

Meet Wellness Authority Stephanie Atwood

Author, Coach, Nutritionist, Speaker

wellness authority Stephanie Atwood walking the Bay Bridge
Stephanie and son, outdoors as usual, half way through a walk on the new span of the SF Bay Bridge.

Wellness authority Stephanie Atwood M.A., CTHRNC has lived according to her own rules, except as the universe determines that her own rules will not be the guiding light!

A baby boomer, born in the 50’s this lady has experienced her share of life – the good, the bad, and everything in-between.

Born in the SF Bay Area and raised in rural northern California Atwood grew up in a unique family of biological and adopted brothers and sisters leading to the production of the Academy Award Winning Film Who Are The Debolts?

When her father passed away, Stephanie was 12 years old. Her mother decided to move back to San Francisco. This move gave Atwood the opportunity to experience country living as a kid and city living as a teenager. The perfect life for a young person!

Wellness authority and mountaineer Stephanie Atwood on top of Mt. Yari in the Japan Alps
Mountaineer Stephanie Atwood on top of Mt. Yari in the Japanese Alps.

In her late teens Stephanie discovered that she had a strong inclination toward adventure. She took a detour in her twenties, from a full time job to climb, raft, run, and explore the world.

Having climbed several major routes and peaks throughout Asia, Europe, and North America Stephanie was a pioneer in women’s mountaineering and rock climbing in the 70’s. She is an  accomplished climber, and mountain guide and has climbed Mt. Fuji more than a dozen times.

“Mt. Fuji is not technically difficult to climb but I have had the opportunity to climb it in many seasons, solo, and with clients. For me it represents a new beginning and reminder of this amazing world, every time I set foot on the summit”.

Not surprisingly, Stephanie’s love of adventure and the outdoors led to her starting an adventure travel company called Guides For All Seasons, an early eco-adventure travel company that focused on trekking in Nepal, hiking in Japan,  and rambling through Switzerland, and Austria.

Eventually Atwood moved into local guiding and coaching as a way to stay active and raise four children. Her interest in wellness led her to the current career as a professional wellness authority sharing physical movement, nutritional guidance, and a holistic approach to her clients and customers. Stephanie has more than 3 decades of experience.

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Stephanie Kay Atwood is the author of multiple books about fitness and wellness including 2 best sellers – “Belly Fat Blowout” and “Run Faster Race Better”. An international speaker, accomplished athlete, and entrepreneur for more than 3 decades, Atwood bonds quickly with an audience when offering keynote speeches, seminars, and workshops.

Praised as an inspiration to women over 35 and well into their 80’s and 90’s Atwood founded Go WOW Living, the organization that empowers women through a combination of activity, nutrition, and community.

In the past 50 years Atwood has been featured on television and in print multiple times including ABC, NBC, and CBS. She is a powerhouse presenter with a range of experience that boggles the mind.

An outstanding athlete, breast cancer survivor, mother of 6, and world traveler Atwood coaches the Bay Area women’s run club– Go WOW Team. She is creator and host of Active After 35, Thriving After 70, the podcast for all women who are committed to stay active and involved for their entire lives.

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